Marvin Sapp

Get to know Marvin Sapp and really listen to what he has to say…Does he strike you as someone Teleka Patrick would “stalk”, or does he strike you as someone who might have romanced Teleka Patrick at one point in time and later lost interest?

The day Teleka Patrick goes missing, Marvin Sapp posts the following on his official facebook page (click to enlarge):

teleka vanished - december 5 marvin sapp post on facebook

Sapp has compared the women of the reality show “Sisterhood” to a pig with a ring in its nose, citing Proverbs 11:22. Ironically Marvin Sapp recently recorded a Gospel music duet with sex toy merchant and pornography industry professional Kandi Burress (of the reality series BasketBall Wives) who perfectly fit’s Sapp’s description of a “ring of gold in a pig’s nose”.

Keep in mind, the moment Marvin Sapp chose to enter a professional relationship with Kandi Burress (who was given an award for her sex toy line by a prominent pornographic media outlet – AVN), he intertwined himself and his ministry with the organized crime controlled Los Angeles porn industry, who’s political face (the Free Speech Coalition) was recently discovered to have an affiliation with internationally known convicted pedophile and child pornographer August Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow.

marvin sapp imani showalterIn March of 2012 Marvin Sapp was reported to have been linked romantically to Imani Showalter of the BasketBall Wives reality series.

Jim Carlin (the investigator hired by Teleka Patrick’s family) mentions he finds it interesting that there doesn’t seem to be much of a record in Grand Rapids of Marvin Sapp being stalked (towards the end of the video below).