Pastor Marvin Sapp imposes a virtual Gag Order on his ministry in regards to social media until January 26, 2014

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Commentary By TJ- Church Folk Revolution

This week kicked off a 21 Day Consecration Fast at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church where RCA Recording Artist Marvin Sapp is the Pastor. On the surface, this Fast is no different than any of the other symbolic Fast that pastors normally initiate – until you include Marvin Sapp’s 2014 version of Fasting. During this 21 Day Fast from January 5th – 26th the members at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church can’t consume meat (except seafood), sweets (except mints) and the biggest of all in bold fonts – No Facebook!

That’s right – Fasting in 2014 now includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr (guess that was designed to keep his members away from us).

Click to enlarge the PPO Marvin Sapp filed for in regards to Teleka Patrick. Notice he lists himself as as "Recording Artist" rather than a pastor.

Click to enlarge the PPO Marvin Sapp filed for in regards to Teleka Patrick. Notice he lists himself as as “Recording Artist” rather than a pastor.

I really could care less about a so-called Fast – really, but what caught my attention was the timing of the so-called Fast. This request that the members at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church disconnect from the outside world comes at the same time that the Pastor’s face is also plastered all over the internet as a result of Dr. Teleka Patrick (who is still missing).

Up until now Marvin Sapp has had complete control over the narrative surrounding the missing Doctor, and has even presented his restraining order as proof that she was mentally ill. The entire nation jumped on the same bandwagon with Marvin Sapp that Dr. Teleak Patrick was mentally ill, because of his accounts written in a Personal Restraining Order.

Please allow me this opportunity to remind everyone that Dr. Patrick is not here to defend herself. I also would like to add that neither her co-workers nor her family ever made any mention of her having any sort of mental illness.

The mental illness assumption came from her ex-husband, and once again, Dr. Teleka Patrick is not present to offer a rebuttal to the statements made by an Ex-Husband. In the YouTube video we have no clue of the person the video was intended for or time that the video was filmed, therefore it is invalid as proof of her mental state. Have any of you even considered that there could be a reason that this man is now her ex-husband? Could he also have a personal motive for insinuating that Dr. Patrick has a mental illness? Is he also suspect in her disappearance?

teleka patrick marvin ppoI don’t trust the statements of an Ex-Husband any more than I trust a Pastor who would forbid sources of information and media outlets in a Religious Fast.

Personally, I don’t like the timing of this so-called Fast. It reeks of mind control and forced redirection. It is not the role of a pastor to tell you what you can or cannot do outside of the walls of his church. The  Free Will  that Christ has given us, has been taken away with this one frivolous Fast. Why Fast Now? Why not Fast when Pastor Marvin Sapp was taking to the same Facebook site and teasing single women all around the world with all of his tribulations as a single man?

Once again, Marvin Sapp and his PR team are controlling the narrative in the same way they have controlled the message surrounding Dr. Teleka Patrick. Instead of this Pastor taking to the airways and praying for a safe return of this Beautiful Missing African American Woman, he uses that opportunity to issue the following statement.

 “Throughout my career, my family and I have fallen victim to inappropriate attempts to contact me by several unknown individuals. As a father of three and pastor of one of the largest congregations in West Michigan, I cannot to take this kind of obsessive attention lightly. Given these previous acts, I have taken several security measures which have included obtaining a protective order to ensure our safety. Not only am I concerned about my family, I am deeply concerned about the well-being of all families. My prayers of love, safety, reconciliation and support are always and forever with God’s children.” 

No words of concern for a former member of His Congregation – No compassion for the family who is actively trying to find Dr. Patrick!

This self-centered, narcissistic  statement is coming from a man who has become nothing more than a social media attention whore – but all of a sudden we are supposed to believe that Dr. Teleka Patrick is crazy? Where is the medical proof that she is crazy? Where are the co-workers or college professors who can testify that she is in fact crazy?

What Dr. Teleka Patrick is has nothing to do with her mental stability and everything to do with her whereabouts. Dr. Teleka Patrick is Missing – not crazy – MISSING!

I pray that if any of you should come up missing that the world would not accept the words of your ex-lovers or a statement from a RCA Recording Artist Pastor as the truth about you. If I ever come up missing please don’t ask my ex-wife for a statement – please spend that vital time in efforts to find me!

To Marvin Sapp I say – don’t log off Facebook now after posting hundreds of little romantic nuggets about your life as a single man, this is the perfect time to use your followers to find Dr. Patrick!

To the family of Dr. Teleka Patrick please allow me to apologize on behalf of the Body of Christ, because once again we have allowed a Pastor to tell us how to think. Lord please send Dr. Teleka Patrick home safely.

Commentary By TJ- Church Folk Revolution



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