Missing Persons of America commentary on Teleka Patrick

commentary spotted on MissingPersonsOfAmerica.com 1/5/2014

UPDATE 1/5/14 -  This morning I received a note that a new blog for Teleka called Find Teleka Patrickhad posted new information about her.

I began to read it and a couple of things came to my mind.

teleka patrick v. marvin sappFirst, let me point out that when Marvin Sapp, the pastor that went to court to obtain a restraining order against Teleka in September, met no opposition as Teleka was not their to defend herself.  It is assumed by many if you do not show up to defend yourself in court it is an admission of guilt.  This may be one of many reasons the judge leaned in Marvin’s favor.  We do not know right now, what Marvin presented to the judge or what he said–did he have photos, witnesses or recordings or video of Teleka harassing him–but whatever it was, it was enough for Marvin to get a restraining order.  I do not know if it was a temporary restraining order or not.  A temporary is not as hard to get as a permanent one.

Regardless of all that, please note that without Teleka’s side of the argument it seems unfair to accuse her of stalking him.  I do realize that the judge may have had no recourse and could not delay the decision to wait for Teleka to appear in court and made the decision with what evidence he had at the time, AND the fact she did not show up.

Also, on Teleka’s blog they are stating that CNN is involved in a smear campaign and cover up.  They are not sure why, but they think it is because they want to protect Marvin’s reputation.

I find this a little hard to believe as if CNN is out to protect anyone’s reputation, it is theirs, whether Marvin’s reputation comes along for the ride while they are doing that, I don’t know.

They also want to point out that Teleka is being labeled mentally ill by Marvin and her ex and the media have picked up on it.  So, let’s take a closer look at that.

ismael calderonTeleka’s ex-husband, Ismael “Smiley” Calderon said to Michigan Live, “It didn’t freak me out because we had a very deep relationship. I’m a believer in God making miracles happen.  I thought it was awkward but I thought it was strong belief.”

That seems harmless enough.  Now let’s add that according to Teleka’s family she has never been diagnosed with any type of mental illness, and that Smiley admitted he never said anything to her family about his concerns over her mental health.  Something you would think he would have done in at least an attempt to reach out and get help from them to help her.

Interestingly, David Stringer, Patrick’s divorce attorney, said he doesn’t recall Calderon mentioning that Patrick suffered from mental health issues. Something you would thing would come up, if you were divorcing someone, and felt the need to get away from them.

teleka patrick 20kAlso, in Teleka’s blog they are asking if the Lighthouse Full Life Center may have had something to do with her disappearance.  I guess anything is possible, but what would be the motive?

Is it possible that Teleka invented the relationship with Marvin?  He may have have spoke to her on his website and Teleka took it to heart, and became committed to him before and misunderstanding his words of faith as direct messages to her, enough so to cause her to uproot her life and move to Michigan?

It is also possible that Marvin became involved with Teleka and invited her to move to Michigan, and once there saw the same behavior from her that Smiley claimed he did and it worried him enough that he wanted to get away from her.  Or was it simply that he was a cad that ended their relationship and caused Teleka to go over the edge so badly that Marvin needed a restraining order against her.  Maybe, but we do know that Smiley never filed for one when he separated from Teleka.

And there is also the possibility that Teleka found out that Marvin was traveling in December and decided to follow him and in the process met with foul play or is still out there somewhere searching for him in an altered state of mind.

It is very interested that the day that Teleka vanished, Marvin left this message on his Facebook page.  The post was copied by The Find Teleka blog.  I went to look for it myself but could not find it, so it must have been taken off.  Also, I looked at Marvin’s personal Facebook page and there has been no entries for 2012 and 2013 and subsequently all photos have been removed.  Hmmm.

Although it could be a declaration to just about anything, the response from Vanita Washington makes it seems as though she knows he was referring to a woman that he is in a relationship with.

So the bottom line, we have Marvin saying that Teleka claimed he was her husband, moved from California to Michigan, contacted his children, has been to his home and joined his church.  Did Teleka meet Marvin on line and they developed a relationship and they agreed she should move to be closer to him and further their relationship or did Teleka jump to that conclusion and acted without any suggestion from Marvin.

We won’t know until Teleka tells her side of the story.

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